Why does a Compost Pile Need Turning?

During the organic fertilizer making process, we need to ferment the organic wastes and turning the compost piles from time to time. But, do you know why does a compost pile need turning? Is turning your compost piles a waste of time? If we do not turn the compost piles, what will happen?

As we all know, the aerobic fermentation technology is the most suitable fermentation method to turn the organic wastes into organic compost. When we turning the compost piles, it will help the organic materials decompose the organic matter and produce composted products more quickly.

Besides, it also helps mixing the organic materials well. If we do not turn the compost piles, the aerobic microorganisms in compost piles will do not have sufficient oxygen to maintain their work. As a result, the lack of oxygen in compost piles will cause anaerobic state and the compost piles will smell badly. So, if you want to get high quality organic compost, it is necessary to turn the compost piles and add more oxygen in the organic wastes fermentation process.

Windrow Compost Turner
Windrow Compost Turner

How Often does SEEC Compost Turner Machine Turning your Compost Pile?

Generally speaking, the frequency to turn the compost piles depends on many factors. For example, the external temperature conditions of fermentation work, the size of the compost piles, green to brown ratio and amount of moisture in the pile, these factors all have some effects on the turning frequency.

Hydraulic composting pile turner equipment for sale
Hydraulic composting pile turner equipment for sale

SEEC compost pile turner machine, is the professional organic fertilizer fermentation equipment. When the temperature of the compost piles reach 70℃,the compost pile turner will begin to turn over the organic materials. Thus, every time you turn your compost piles, the oxygen will come into the piles and speed up the fermentation process of organic wastes.

How does SEEC Compost Pile Turner Machine Turning the Compost Pile?

Turning Parts of SX Windrow Compost Pile Turner
Turning Parts of SX Windrow Compost Pile Turner

The fermentation of your organic wastes is the main process to make high quality organic fertilizer. SEEC compost pile turning machine, it can help you turn the organic material in an effective way. Besides, it can crush your organic materials during the fermentation time. It equipped with several rotary knives on the strong rotary drum under turner machine which can blend, loosen, and even move the compost piles. So, with the pile turner from SEEC, you do not need to buy a crushing machine to crush your organic materials.

What is the Working Principle of SEEC Compost Pile Turner?

The working principle of SEEC pile turner machine mainly adopts the aerobic fermentation method.

Groove type organic waste pile turner for sale
Groove type organic waste pile turner for sale

During the fermentation time, the temperature of the compost piles is around 55-60℃.Thus, the aerobic fermentation technology also can be called high temperature fermentation. Besides, the ventilation conditions of aerobic fermentation is good enough to let the oxygen participate in the composting process. In this way, the aerobic microorganism in the raw materials will transform the organic matter into carbon dioxide, biomass, heat and humus.

Turning a Large Compost Pile, what kinds of Turner Machine can you Choose From SEEC?

Turning a large compost pile is the biggest labor and technical work in the whole organic fertilizer making process.

Large scale composting machine for sale
Large scale composting machine for sale

Here is a wheel type compost pile turner machines from SEEC to help you do large scale fermentation work. They are all adopt the most advanced aerobic fermentation technology to compost organic materials. Besides, they can distribute moisture in compost piles evenly, and increase the temperature enough to kill weed seeds and pests. If you are interested in SEEC compost pile turning machine, welcome to send your inquiry to us.

If you Buy Compost Pile Turner Machine, what kind of Services will you get from SEEC?

  1. High-Quality Products. Our company’s products are strict in accordance with national standards, contracts and technical specifications to choose the best solutions. We also do comprehensive tracking and monitor the quality of the process and testing to ensure the quality of our products.
  2. Customized Services. When you buy organic fertilizer production equipment from SEEC, no matter the compost turners or production line, you will get our VIP customized services. All the products from SEEC can be customized according to your requirements. So, if you have any requirements about our equipment, please feel free to contact us.
  3. Training services. When you buy our equipment, our engineers will be your country to training your workers how to operate our machine safely. Besides, we will also train your workers how to do easy regular maintenance about our machines.
  4. After-Sale Services. If you have any questions when you use our machines, you can contact us at any time you want. We will solve your problems as soon as possible. Besides, we will provide one year quality guarantee and free on-site service for our products. After the warranty expires, we will continue to provide life-long maintenance for you.

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