What is Trench Composting?

Trench composting, it also can be called in-situ composting or groove composting. In this kind of composting system, all the organic wastes are collected together and prepared for fermentation in a trench. At home, you may have tried to compost your kitchen and garden waste as a organic fertilizer for your plant. So, trench composting is an easy composting method to operate in different kinds of composting conditions.

How Long does Groove Type Composting Take with Groove Type Compost Turner from SEEC?

The groove type compost turner from SEEC is designed for trench composting. It can be used for the fermentation of different kinds of animal manure and other organic wastes.

When you use this compost turner to do trench composting, it can mix the animal manure, green waste , straw powder and other organic wastes effectively. By stirring the raw materials in the trench, it creates a better aerobic environment for organic fermentation process. So, according to the size of the compost piles and the density of the raw material, it may needs 15-20 days to finish the trench composting process.

Trench Type Compost Turner
Trench Type Compost Turner

Technical Highlights of SEEC Groove Type Tompost Turner

SEEC groove type compost turning machine for trench composting
SEEC groove type compost turning machine for trench composting

1.The groove type compost turner from SEEC mainly adopts the aerobic fermentation technology, it is the most suitable fermentation methods for organic wastes.
2. If you have several fermentation trenches need to be turned, one turner machine is enough for you.
3. This compost turner machine is centralized controlled by the control cabinet, it is easy to operate.
4. It has high working efficiency, the organic materials can be composted and turned thoroughly in the fermentation trenches.
5. The whole turner machine is sturdy and durable. It can runs smoothly in the workshop or field.

What things you should Pay Attention when you do Trench Composting in Winter?

The change of seasons has a direct impact on the effect of fertilizer product, especially in winter. From a scientific point of view, in order to make full use of our fertilizer effect, we’d better pay attention to the following points:

  • Increase the manure heap’s size appropriately. In cold winter, the temperature is low, in order to promote the compost heap warming and maturation, the compost heap size should be appropriately increased. For example, if the fertilizer heap is too low or narrow, the cold air will encroach and leading the heat loss fast. Eventually cause the fertilizer decomposes slowly, and the quality is poor.
  • Cover with soil and seal with mud to keep the fertilizer’s effect. It can not only prevent the cold air from invading the fertilizer heap, but also ensure that the heat is not emitted. At the same time, reduced the loss of nitrogen and improved the fermentation efficiency of organic greatly.
  • Store the plant ash alone. This is because plant ash is a kind of alkaline fertilizer that cause the nitrogen in manure to drop sharply.
  • Add phosphorus to fertilizer heap to keep nitrogen. Mixing 2% ~ 3% superphosphate or more than 5% phosphate powder in fertilizer heap can play a significant role in nitrogen preservation.
Wheel type groove type compost turning equipment for large scale composting
Wheel type groove type compost turning equipment for large scale composting

Benefits of Trench Composting

The best reason to compost in trenches is that it makes composting so simple. Meanwhile, it is the most cost-saving composting equipment for you to start your own organic fertilizer making business in the early stage. For one thing, you do not need to buy a large site for organic fertilizer production. All you have to do is to build some fermentation grooves in your plant and equipped with a high quality compost turner machine to help you turn and mix the organic materials for good fermentation. For another, in the later period, if you want to expand the scale of your organic fertilizer production, you just need to build more fermentation grooves in your plant. And if you want to make your organic compost soil into granules, Tongada also has professional granulation equipment and other auxiliary equipment for you for trench composting.

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